Interactive Navigation Providing A Clear Path To Your Destination

Polis allows the user to seamlessly navigate to local business and find hidden gems in the community of which they play and live. Sign-up to be a part of our monthly updates!

What Are The Benefits?


Increased Navigation

Utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons for increased navigation and user experience.

Decrease Battery Usage

BLE Beacons are also beneficial for using less battery life than Wifi based on design.


Our goal is to help the city of San Antonio, its residents, and tourists obtain the most seamless and dynamic experience the River Walk has to offer.


Increased Navigation

Providing a clear path to destinations allows for the community to easily engage with local businesses.

Push Notifications

Interactive advertisements targeted to your customers interests and location.

Data Analytics

Better analyze your business with access to data that can be used to tailor to your customers wants.


Most frequent questions and answers

Polis is creating an interactive mobile application that utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons for increased navigation and user experience. Someone would utilize our application anytime they are exploring the River Walk. Whether it is a tourist or a local resident, everyone can benefit from reliable navigation.

Employees who work on the River Walk get questions from tourists and residents alike about locations to attractions, hotels and restaurants. GPS applications work on the street but don’t necessarily work on the River due to problems with connectivity and lack of available addresses.

Polis creates a user experience where increased navigation provides a clear path to their destination. This allows for a community to engage with local businesses with a dynamic experience through interactive advertisements targeted to your interests and location, and seamless navigation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to unlock the hidden value of cities and their communities by elevating people’s experiences through increased navigation, enhanced services and actionable data.

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